"W" File Extensions

Listing of all file extensions starting with "W"

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File Extension File Type Number of Associated Files Most Popular File
W2B Backup 4 CNN0183U.W2B
WB2 Raster Image 1 quattro.wb2
WBF Developer 8 EPUTBM01.WBF
WDF Data 6 MsftWdf_Kernel_01011_Inbox_Critical.Wdf
WER Text 22 Report.wer
WID Data 18 00010003.wid
WIH Data 7 M1033Zira.keyboard.WIH
WIM Disk Image 9 FirstUXRes.WIM
WINMD Dynamic Link Library 10159 WinStore.UI.WinMD
WIZ Microsoft Wizard 27 Agenda Wizard.Wiz
WK4 Data 1 lotus.wk4
WLL Dynamic Link Library 4 MSREFTLW.WLL
WMDB Database 10 CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb
WMZ Settings 4 Revert.wmz
WOFF Font 303 AdobeSpectrumIcons24.woff
WPC Dynamic Link Library 5 mswrd632.wpc
WPD Text 1 wordpfct.wpd
WPG Vector Image 27 wordpfct.wpg
WPL Video 40 04_Music_played_in_the_last_month.wpl
WPRP System 1 provtrace.wprp
WRC Archive 4 small_west1.wrc
WSB Data 1 00010004.wsb
WSC Developer 8 WinstepSamples.wsc
WSF Windows Script 11 wscript.wsf
WTL Dynamic Link Library 2 wertargets.wtl
WTS Page Layout 16 round18-10.wts
WVE Video 5 M1033David.keyboard.WVE
WWD Data 30 Remove labels.wwd
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