What are Archive Files?

An Archive File is a file format that is used to store a set of files along with information about those files (metadata). The purpose of creating an archive file is to store multiple files together, usually in a compressed format, which increases portability along with saving storage space on your disk.

Archive Files are also incredibly useful when you want to share a set of files with another computer user and allow you to quickly share a set of files without much hassle.

There are a number of popular archiving file formats in use today which have their own pros and cons. Other advantages of archive files include error detection and correction, encryption, comments, and more.

Popular Archive File Extensions

Archive File Types

File Database Breakdown - Archive File Extensions

Top Archive File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
ZIP 1842 MSCasualGames.zip
PF 94413 RUNDLL32.EXE-470F11BD.pf
ITA 8 wbcache.ita
GZ 254 PhonePCVoiceAgentsRes.0c0a.bin.gz
Adobe Captivate 2017 (32 Bit) 10.0 02-22-2020.log.gz
CAB 11758 driver.cab
WRC 4 cp1251.wrc
TNU 2 M1033Eva.tbtdirection.TNU
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