What are Microsoft Wizard Files?

In simple terms, a Wizard is used to perform a multi-step task and consists of a simplified, sequential control for guiding users. Software wizards are used to guide a user through the software's interface to perform a task, especially if the task is complex. The wizard completes this through using dialog boxes that tell the user exactly what to do at each step to achieve their desired outcome.

Microsoft introduced the very first software wizard, Microsoft Publisher's Page Wizard, to help guide users with no graphic design skills make better-looking documents. Over time, Wizards began appearing in other Microsoft programs as well, including Access, Excel, Word, and other productivity applications. Because they proved to be so successful with helping users, Windows started using them to assist with other complex tasks such as printer and Internet configuration.

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WIZ Files

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File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
WIZ 12 Fax Wizard.wiz
Agenda Wizard.Wiz
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