What are Windows Script Files?

Microsoft Script Files are a type of script file that executes the instructions it contains when opened. It is also known as a Windows Script File, or WSF for short. It is used by Windows Script Host, a tool inside Microsoft's Windows Operating System that allows a user to automate different tasks using different scripting languages. Windows Script Host was first introduced in Windows 95 and enabled automation for Internet Explorer.

The scripting ability provided by a Windows Script File is similar to that of a batch file, but provides for more supported features. One of its biggest advantages is that it supports mixing of different scripting languages in a single file. Supported programming languages include Microsoft's JScript, VBScript, and user-installed scripting languages such as Python, Object REXX, Perl and more. Because of this complex functionality, one scripting language can use the code from another scripting language. Moreover, a WSF file can also bind an XML wrapper to an object reference to use that particular object's constants without having to declare them.

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WSF 11 manage-bde.wsf
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