What are Windows NT Command Script Files?

Windows NT introduced a new kind of scripting files known as “Windows NT Command Script Files” with a “.CMD” extension. Moreover, it also came with a new 32-bit version command interpreter, “cmd.exe”, for executing both, “.CMD” as well as “.BAT” files.

A script is generally an automated a set of tasks. A major difference between programs and scripts is that most script languages are interpreted, while programs are only compiled.  Similar to a normal batch file on a Windows operating system, Windows NT Command Script Files consist of a simple list of commands that can be executed by your computer's operating system when the file is double-clicked or executed.

Popular Command Script File Extensions

Windows NT Command Script Types

File Database Breakdown - Windows NT Command Script File Extensions


CMD Files

Top Windows NT Command Script File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
CMD 68 winrm.cmd
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