What are Microsoft Access Project Files?

Microsoft Access Project Files are used to store projects created by Microsoft Access, a database management system provided by Microsoft that uses the relational database model. It provides an efficient, direct connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database through the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) database component architecture, and includes its own GUI and set of software-development tools.

An Access project is an Access file that allows you to work with the SQL Server, where you can create, edit, and use other SQL Server features, such as database diagrams, stored procedures, and user-defined functions. However an Access Project limits you to working with only one SQL Server database, unlike linking. 

Types of Popular Microsoft Access Files

Microsoft Access Project File Types

File Database Breakdown - Microsoft Access Project File Extensions


ADP Files

Top Microsoft Access Project File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
ADP 1 NorthwindCS.adp
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