What are Compiled HTML Help Files?

Compiled HTML Files are a popular format for storing software documentation and help documents. It can store a number of HTML files in a compressed, binary format and is popular because it's compatibility with any web browser (some compiled HTML files can only be opened by a CHM editor/viewer).

Introduced by Microsoft for HTML-based help programs with the release of Windows 98, it is the successor to the Microsoft WinHelp format which stored files with the “.HLP” extension. It has now been extended to include the “.LIT” file extension.

A typical compiled HTML file can contain multiple HTML pages, a table of contents, navigation tools, images, as well as JavaScript for the file. “.CHM” files are still supported in Windows 7 and used in a number of document-viewing software packages. Moreover, it comes with a built-in search engine, data compression, and extended character support.

Popular Compiled HTML File Extensions

Compiled HTML File Types

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CHM Files

Top Compiled HTML Help File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
CHM 1102 dv_aspnetmmc.chm
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