What are Script Files?

Commands or instructions written in a scripting language, like JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, AppleScript, etc. are stored in a file format known as “script”.  A script file can be written by any simple text editor and then executed by a scripting engine.

A script is generally an automation of a set of tasks that could generally be done by a human operator. A major difference between programs and scripts is that most script languages are interpreted, while programs are compiled.

Popular Script File Extensions

Script File Types

File Database Breakdown - Script File Extensions

Top Script File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
PRI 557 resources.pri
PIF 5 _default.pif
MS-DOS Prompt.pif
VBS 66 prnjobs.vbs
JS 3012 service.js
PS1 1006 HTInteractiveRes.ps1
BAT 14 msdtcvtr.bat
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