What are Script Files?

Commands or instructions written in a scripting language, like JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, AppleScript, etc. are stored in a file format known as “script”.  A script file can be written by any simple text editor and then executed by a scripting engine.

A script is generally an automation of a set of tasks that could generally be done by a human operator. A major difference between programs and scripts is that most script languages are interpreted, while programs are compiled.

Popular Script File Extensions

Script File Types

File Database Breakdown - Script File Extensions

Top Script File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
BAT 381 msdtcvtr.bat
PS1 399 HTInteractiveRes.ps1
PRI 345 resources.pri
JS 8775 currency.js
PIF 3 _default.pif
VBS 131 prnmngr.vbs
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