Make Chrome more Memory-Efficient on Windows

How to make Google Chrome on Windows take up less Memory by suspending Tabs The year is 2019 and unless you use Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System, the only real choice for getting the fastest, and basically the overall best, browser for a desktop Operating System is Google’s Chrome web browser. Even most OS… Read more »

Control Smartphone through your Windows browser

How-To use your smartphone from any browser in Window In today’s world where there’s an app for everything, a lot of our daily work and routine involves using applications on our smartphone. Our smartphones have become a major part of our daily lives, including our work routines as well as home routines. From taking pictures and… Read more »

How-To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows

What are Virtual Desktops in Windows? How can you use them to multitask easily? Windows is known to being the pioneer of the ‘window-ed’ programs format, paving the path for an age of GUI-based multitasking. Originally, Windows was a command-line based operating system, but after noticing the GUI-based approach of some other manufacturers like Apple, it… Read more »