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How to Install or Uninstall Services in Windows

Here is how you can Install or Uninstall Services in Windows using Command Prompt Windows, being a general-purpose operating system, provides a host of different APIs for implementing your programs as you see ideal. In Windows NT operating systems, Microsoft has introduced an API called a Windows Service. This API allows any application that to register… Read more »

Run .EXE files from Command Prompt

 Here is how you can run .exe files in Windows Each operating system has its own sets of rules for each area of the operating system, and one really important aspect is the file system. Each operating system manages file systems differently. Windows employs two major file systems, NTFS and FAT. Moreover, one area where… Read more »

Can’t find the “Open command window here” option? Here is how to fix it

Here is how to get back the “Open command window here” option back in Windows One of the easiest ways to open Command Prompt inside a folder is to simply right-click inside the folder with the Shift key pressed, and you could see “Open Command Prompt Here” option inside the right-click menu. If you can’t see… Read more »