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Filename Software Name Developer Name Latest File Version
BBTalk.exe Garena+ Garena Online
BC.exe Backgammon Classic Microsys Com.
BCClipboard.exe Beyond Compare Scooter Software
BCSSync.exe Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (64-bit) Microsoft 14.0.4756.1000
BComp.exe Beyond Compare Scooter Software
BCompare- Beyond Compare Scooter Software
BCompare.exe Beyond Compare Scooter Software
BConv64.exe Hex Workshop BreakPoint Software
BDSubWiz.exe BitDefender Bitdefender
BF1942Demo.exe Battlefield 1942 Electronic Arts 1
BG_Phonetic_XP.exe Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout IDD 1.0.3
BHCA.exe Norton Security Premium Symantec Corporation
BIBLEA.exe The Holy Bible King James Version The Holy Bible KJV
BIFTP.exe PDF Printer Driver Black Ice Software
BIVISEX.EXE Office Microsoft 95
BMonitorPro.exe Bandwidth Monitor Pro Pro²soft 1.3
BNUpdate.exe Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
BOOTMGR.exe Microsoft Office Access 2010 Microsoft 10.0.16299.785
BPInstaller.exe BitDefender Bitdefender
BPSDA64.exe Hex Workshop BreakPoint Software
BPSUnlock64.exe Hex Workshop BreakPoint Software
BQTray.exe BurnQuick Data/Audio CD/DVD Burner Triton Interactive
BR16_x64_ea.exe Paragon Backup & Recovery Paragon Software Group
BRWizard.exe Nero MediaHome 2019 Nero AG
BS9532.EXE Office Microsoft
BSMMPLYR.EXE Office Microsoft 95
BTalkLoader.exe Garena+ Garena Online
BackItUp.exe Nero Platinum 2019 Nero AG
BackItUpUpdate.exe Nero Platinum 2019 Nero AG
BackgroundTransferHost.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
Backup.exe Driver Booster IObit
BackupManager.exe Easy Uninstaller [Da]-Software's
BackupRun.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BackupShellTransfer.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
Backupper.exe AOMEI Backupper AOMEI Technology
BackupperFull.exe AOMEI Backupper AOMEI Technology
Bandwidth Monitor Pro.exe Bandwidth Monitor Pro Pro²soft
BarCode.exe CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Corel Corporation
Battle_Realms_Demo.exe Battle Realms Liquid Entertainment demo
BbDevMgr.exe BlackBerry Desktop Manager BlackBerry
BdeHdCfg.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
BdeUISrv.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
BdeUnlockWizard.exe Windows Microsoft 6.1.7600.16385
BdmuxServer.exe Sony Movie Studio 13 Sony Creative Software
BdmuxServer.ni.exe Sony Movie Studio 13 Sony Creative Software 13.0.189
BeSweet.exe MoboPlay Fuzhou Xianzhi Ruishi Information Technology
BelarcAdvisor.exe Belarc Advisor Belarc
BenefitsPopup.exe Diskeeper Professional Condusiv 20.0.1300.0
Betternet.exe Betternet Betternet
BetternetForWindows.exe Betternet Betternet
BetternetForWindows530.exe Betternet Betternet
BetternetUpdater.exe Betternet Betternet
BgBootMonitor.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgCertUtil32.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgDelayStartup.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgDirSize.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgDuplicateSize.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgGameMon.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgLauncher.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgLogViewer.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgMainFallback.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgMainPush.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgNag.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgProbe.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgRegister.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgScan.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BgSecErase.exe BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard
BiHTTPUpload.exe PDF Printer Driver Black Ice Software
BiMerge.exe PDF Printer Driver Black Ice Software
Bible.exe Bible Pro BibleOcean
Bind.Exe Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Microsoft 6.0.6001.17129
Binder.exe Office Microsoft
BioEnrollmentHost.exe Microsoft Office Access 2010 Microsoft 10.0.16299.1004
BitLockerDeviceEncryption.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
BitLockerToGo.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
BitLockerWizard.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
BitLockerWizardElev.exe Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
BitMeter2.exe BitMeter 2 Codebox Software
BitMeterInstaller.exe BitMeter 2 Codebox Software
BitTorrent.exe BitTorrent BitTorrent
Bit_Che.exe Bit Che Convivea
BitonicSort.exe PerformanceTest PassMark Software 9.0 build 1002
BlackBerryModemConfiguration.exe BlackBerry Desktop Manager BlackBerry
BlackIcePDF.exe PDF Printer Driver Black Ice Software
BlackPiano.exe ButtonBeats Virtual Piano Black ButtonBeats
BlackScreen.exe Battlefield 1942 Electronic Arts 1
BlackWidow.exe BlackWidow SoftByte Labs
BlackWidow6_Setup.exe BlackWidow SoftByte Labs
BlueBirdInit.exe IObit Malware Fighter IObit
BlueFTP.exe BlueVoda Website Builder VodaHost
BlueScreenView.exe BlueScreenView NirSoft
BlueStacksInstaller_4.140.2.1004_native_20decbae55ce7858ecc29ff554e8aceb.exe BlueStacks BlueStacks Corporation
BlueStacksMicroInstaller.exe BlueStacks BlueStacks Corporation
BlueStacksUninstaller.exe BlueStacks BlueStacks Corporation
BlueVoda.exe BlueVoda Website Builder VodaHost
Bluestacks.exe BlueStacks BlueStacks Corporation
Bonus - Interview Scorecard Demo.exe RSC Resume Template Resume Scorecard
Boomerang.exe CyberLink Media Suite CyberLink 6.0.1612.0
Boost.exe Driver Booster IObit
BoostSpeed.exe Auslogics BoostSpeed Auslogics
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