Paragon Backup & Recovery

Developed by: Paragon Software Group

Software Overview

Paragon Backup & Recovery is an advanced backup and safeguarding software used to perform complex backup tasks.

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Paragon Backup & Recovery Versions

Current Version:

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System 1015 MUI biont_bs.sys 06/30/2017  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Paragon Backup & Recovery

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
MSI BR16.msi 06/30/2017
PNF oem4.PNF 06/30/2017
XSL about_pat.xsl 06/30/2017
LOG objsrv.log 06/30/2017
TTF OpenSans_ExtraBoldItalic.ttf 06/30/2017
INI hideCMD.ini 06/30/2017
LOG Install_2019-11-12_210615_6908-6912.log 06/30/2017
EXE mpam-cf501e9e.exe 1.305.1949.0 06/30/2017
LOG advlauncher.log 06/30/2017
EXE silent.exe 06/30/2017
PF 06/30/2017
DLL rmbwizardlib.dll 06/30/2017
LOG jobs_db_history.log 06/30/2017
CMD getnic.cmd 06/30/2017
LOG Paragon-700-FRE_WinInstallSNx64_10.2.1_000.exe.log 06/30/2017
XML RMBInit.xml 06/30/2017
LOG dd_vcredist_amd64_20191112131218.log 06/30/2017
ETL ScreenOnPowerStudyTraceSession-2019-11-12-13-05-08.etl 06/30/2017
CFG temp.cfg 06/30/2017
XML strategies.xml 06/30/2017
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