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About the Developer

A German software company founded in 1995 by Richard Lesser and is widely known for its CD/DVD/BD burning suite. The NERO Burning ROM is currently the world leader for this recording software. The company was first called Ahead Software GmbH.

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Nero AG Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
Nero Burning ROM 2019 1970 08/21/2019 10.0.16299.15 08/21/2019
Nero MediaHome 2019 3078 09/26/2018 10.0.16299.15 09/26/2018
Nero Platinum 2019 21.0.01200 5599 09/12/2019 10.0.16299.15 09/12/2019

Top Files Associated with Nero AG

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
DLL BackItUp.Infrastructure.dll Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero BackItUp)
NLS Nero_fr-FR.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero Burning ROM)
M4A Celebration.m4a Nero MediaHome 2019
DLL ODDBackup.dll Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero BackItUp)
NLS ExpressUI_fi-FI.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero Video)
NLS NeroBurnServer_el-GR.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero BurnServer)
EXE SlideShw.exe Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero SlideShow)
LOG usagestatsinstall.log Nero Platinum 2019 21.0.01200
NLS CoverDes_tr-TR.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Cover Designer)
DLL Nfx.Wpf.dll Nero Platinum 2019 (Nfx.Wpf)
NLS NeroBurnServer_pl-PL.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero BurnServer)
NLS VCDUI_fr-FR.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero Video)
NLS ClassicVFX_pt-PT.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (EffectLib)
NLS NAPLAFX_da-DK.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (NAPLAFX)
DLL DVDEngine.dll Nero MediaHome 2019 (DVDEngine)
DLL SolutionExplorerCLI.dll Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero Solution Explorer CLI Dynamic Link Library)
PF Nero MediaHome 2019
NLS GCFX_de-DE.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (Nero Video)
NLS CoolVFX_en-GB.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (CoolVFX)
NLS NAPLAFX_ko-KR.nls Nero Platinum 2019 (NAPLAFX)
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File Extensions Associated with Nero AG

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