Sony Ericsson PC Suite

Developed by: Sony Mobile Communications

Software Overview

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite is a software that connects your phone to your computer and expands the capabilities of your phone.

Sony Ericsson PC Suite Versions

Current Version: 6.011

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
6.011 1447 MUI 07/27/2011  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Sony Ericsson PC Suite

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
INI StringTable_DAN.ini 6.011 07/27/2011
SYS s1029mgmt.sys 07/27/2011
SYS s1039nd5.sys 07/27/2011
INF se3esdm2.inf 6.011 07/27/2011
DLL GrCT4.dll 07/27/2011
DLL wfp2n.dll 07/27/2011
INI StringTable_DEU.ini 6.011 07/27/2011
SYS s1029nd5.sys 07/27/2011
SYS se3ecmnt.sys 07/27/2011
INI StringTable_ELL.ini 6.011 07/27/2011
SYS s1029obex.sys 07/27/2011
CHM BackupRestore.chm 6.011 07/27/2011
DLL LiveUpdateClientTools.dll 07/27/2011
SYS s0016obex.sys 07/27/2011
DLL ModemWiz.dll 07/27/2011
SYS s1039whnt.sys 07/27/2011
TMP wct5068.tmp 6.011 07/27/2011
EXE Sony_ Ericsson_ PC_ Suite_6.011.00_Web_ENG.exe 07/27/2011
CAB 6.011 07/27/2011
SYS a016obex.sys 07/27/2011
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File Extensions Associated with Sony Ericsson PC Suite

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