Age of Empires II

Developed by: Ensemble Studios

Software Overview

Age of Empires II is a real-time strategy video game released in 1999 by Microsoft. It was originally developed by Ensemble Studios. It is available for the Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. It is set in the middle ages and offers 13 playable civilizations. In this game, players gather resources, build armies, build towns, and try to defeat the enemies.

Age of Empires II Versions

Current Version: (not specified)

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
(not specified) 915 MUI FilterMaps.dat 08/11/2000  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Age of Empires II

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
CPX xcam3.cpx (not specified) 08/11/2000
ETL dosvc.20191206_222520_666.etl (not specified) 08/11/2000
TMP APPX.60x53_4yy3zwudu5sd0k7k3p.tmp (not specified) 08/11/2000
TMP APPX.txcvjbffi4j5qyuguk7idtvme.tmp (not specified) 08/11/2000
DLL ebueulax.dll 1.2000.6.801 08/11/2000
TMP APPX.0ex1xths2m8epd6q2xu3qpq_d.tmp (not specified) 08/11/2000
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191206.142441.401.4.etl (not specified) 08/11/2000
TXT AppCache132201448072513359.txt (not specified) 08/11/2000
TXT AppCache132201452930215697.txt (not specified) 08/11/2000
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