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Software Overview

3D Crafter is basically a real-time 3D animation program that consolidates an automatic drag-and-drop method for three-dimensional modeling.

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3DCrafter Versions

Current Version: 9.3.1620

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
9.3.1620 1097 MUI 3DCrafter.exe 04/17/2017  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with 3DCrafter

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
OCX 3dcsceneeditor9.ocx 04/17/2017
DLL 3DUSG.dll 04/17/2017
EXE VerifyInstall2.exe 04/17/2017
TMP APPX.xhs5ncpz1mlj20wj97c15z89f.tmp 9.3.1620 04/17/2017
DLL Soften.dll 04/17/2017
TMP APPX.yrlp56zhe0w9xdqrrkuaobf3e.tmp 9.3.1620 04/17/2017
DLL Solidify.dll 04/17/2017
DLL RWareRWX.dll 04/17/2017
VBS Vertical Cone.vbs 9.3.1620 04/17/2017
TMP APPX.lx2gy7ol25ynwc89qqxrvjwy.tmp 9.3.1620 04/17/2017
DLL WeldNearest.dll 04/17/2017
DLL FillUnTextured.dll 04/17/2017
DLL SwapTextures.dll 04/17/2017
DLL Bevel.dll 04/17/2017
DLL piper.dll 04/17/2017
DLL TDC3DO.dll 04/17/2017
DLL Soften6.dll 04/17/2017
TMP APPX.qpftemo2gi5cz06k_38iah5ic.tmp 9.3.1620 04/17/2017
DLL PointPosition.dll 04/17/2017
DLL XGLXGL.dll 04/17/2017
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