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Amabilis Software was established in 1998 January in Canada. It develops three dimensional modeling and animation programs

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Amabilis Software Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
3DCrafter 9.3.1620 1097 04/17/2017 10.0.17134.12 04/17/2017

Top Files Associated with Amabilis Software

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
OCX 3dcscript9.ocx 3DCrafter (3DCScript9)
DLL Invert.dll 3DCrafter (Invert)
DLL VideoScapGEO.dll 3DCrafter (VideoScape (.geo))
DLL SetSpecularColor.dll 3DCrafter (SetSpecularColor)
DLL Extrude6.dll 3DCrafter (Extrude6)
DLL 3DCDB9.dll 3DCrafter (3DCDB9)
DLL AddTriangleToEdge.dll 3DCrafter (AddTriangleToEdge)
DLL foundry.dll 3DCrafter (TS Foundry)
DLL WavefrontOBJ.dll 3DCrafter (Wavefront (.obj))
DLL WorldTKNFF.dll 3DCrafter (WorldToolKit (.nff))
DLL msbind.dll 3DCrafter (MSBind Object Library)
OCX 3dcmaterial9.ocx 3DCrafter (3DCMaterial9)
DLL Divide.dll 3DCrafter (Divide)
DLL MaterialManager.dll 3DCrafter (Material Manager)
DLL MSFSBGL.dll 3DCrafter (MSFS (.mgl))
DLL Crease6.dll 3DCrafter (Crease6)
EXE 3DCTV.exe 3DCrafter (3DC Tutorial Viewer)
DLL TaperOC.dll 3DCrafter (TaperOC)
DLL Rail3DSTK.dll 3DCrafter (Rail3D export plugin for Amabilis 3DC)
DLL BridgeEngineer.dll 3DCrafter (TS Bridge)
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File Extensions Associated with Amabilis Software

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