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Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System 927 MUI AppColaAppInst.exe 01/05/2016  Windows 10

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File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
TXT AppCache132197966921461809.txt 01/05/2016
ETL dosvc.20191202_214853_025.etl 01/05/2016
LOG Install_2019-12-02_214420_6804-6808.log 01/05/2016
EXE AppColaUpdate.exe 01/05/2016
ETL waasmedic.20191202_145108_430.etl 01/05/2016
EXE AppcolaSetup_cnet_download_2.4.7.6834.exe 01/05/2016
BIN urlblock_637108923935491731.bin 01/05/2016
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191202.134314.593.16.etl 01/05/2016
TMP wctC3C8.tmp 01/05/2016
DAT RecoveryStore.{8C911BBC-833A-405D-AB4F-A6F8B575995F}.dat 01/05/2016
DLL libarchive2.dll 01/05/2016
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191202.134314.593.3.etl 01/05/2016
TMP ~DF997E62E0289FD429.TMP 01/05/2016
DLL libhashab.dll 01/05/2016
TXT AppCache132197718202317205.txt 01/05/2016
DLL iAdCore.dll 01/05/2016
PF 01/05/2016
TMP ~DFE52F57BCD3B5FA2F.TMP 01/05/2016
DLL AACWriterRender.dll 01/05/2016
XML UpdateScript.XML 01/05/2016
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