Apple QuickTime Player

Developed by: Apple

Software Overview

A player that supports different audio, video and image formats. It comes with Mac OS X. One can download it for free on the Windows platform. Apple QuickTime Player can play quite a good number of media files. This player supports H.264 video compression that enables vibrant HD videos. This software allows the user to create his own content including movie recordings, audio recordings, and screen recordings.

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Apple QuickTime Player Versions

Current Version: 7.7.9

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
7.7.9 2678 MUI GatherOsState.exe 01/07/2016  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Apple QuickTime Player

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
JS JavaScriptContextManager.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191006.025530.474.27.etl 7.7.9 01/07/2016
XML 30768172_4031597188.xml 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS CSSStyleModel.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS FontView.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS DOMPresentationUtils.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS ResourceUtils.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
TXT AppCache132148304154176331.txt 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS StylesSidebarPane.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
XML 30768173_1874841991.back.xml 7.7.9 01/07/2016
DLL CoreText.dll 01/07/2016
JS DOMSyntaxHighlighter.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS InspectorFrontendHostStub.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS ShowMoreDataGridNode.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
AODL SyncEngine-2019-10-06.0958.5916.1.aodl 7.7.9 01/07/2016
XML 30768173_1874841991.xml 7.7.9 01/07/2016
DLL WebKit.dll 7536.30.1.5 01/07/2016
JS ScriptMapping.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
LOG QTInstallCode.log 7.7.9 01/07/2016
JS EventListenersSidebarPane.js 7.7.9 01/07/2016
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