Alcohol 120%

Developed by: Alcohol Soft

Software Overview

Alcohol 120% is a Windows application that enables you to burn CDs and DVDs. This software is generally developed to generating backups and burning image files to discs. It supports different CD and DVD file formats like ISO, NRG, and CCD.

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Alcohol 120% Versions

Current Version:

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System 1159 MUI ACID.exe 10/12/2016  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Alcohol 120%

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
M4A Skype_Shutter.m4a 10/12/2016
PF 10/12/2016
EXE sfa.exe 10/12/2016
DLL AX_UA.dll 10/12/2016
M4A Skype_Dtmf_2_Loud.m4a 10/12/2016
BAT CollectSyncLogs.bat 10/12/2016
WINMD LibWrapper.winmd 10/12/2016
DLL yoga.dll 10/12/2016
M4A Skype_Call_Ringing.m4a 10/12/2016
ADMX OneDrive.admx 10/12/2016
JSON LocalizedStrings_de.json 10/12/2016
DLL Processing.Ndi.Lib.UWP.x64.dll 10/12/2016
JSON RetailDemoData.json 10/12/2016
M4A Skype_Dtmf_3_Loud.m4a 10/12/2016
ETL NotificationUx.004.etl 10/12/2016
M4A Skype_Dtmf_9.m4a 10/12/2016
XML ax_files.xml 10/12/2016
M4A Skype_Camera_Capture.m4a 10/12/2016
DLL AX_HR.dll 10/12/2016
WINMD ReactNativeWebViewBridge.winmd 10/12/2016
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