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Mathworks, (Founded on December 7, 1984 by Jack Little, Cleve Moler, and Steve Bangert) is a privately held company headquartered in Massachusetts, America. The corporation concentrates on mathematical computing softwares. Its popular products are Simulink and MATLAB.

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MathWorks Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
MATLAB R2009a 28580 03/14/2009 8.0.2020.8 03/14/2009

Top Files Associated with MathWorks

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
XML uimde.xml MATLAB R2009a
HTML property-set-methods.html MATLAB R2009a
H if.h MATLAB R2009a
BIN appdesigner_plugin_js_resources_common 1561407947_manifest.bin MATLAB R2009a
DLL addons_javapath_jni.dll MATLAB R2009a
HTML clibgen.buildinterface.html MATLAB R2009a
XML bvpfunctions.xml MATLAB R2009a
HTML matlab.project.project.addfolderincludingchildfiles.html MATLAB R2009a
HTML simple-data-subsetting-using-mapreduce.html MATLAB R2009a
XML supportsoftwareinstaller_ja_JP 1565799531 1672318322724783456.xml MATLAB R2009a
HTML sparse-matrix-reordering.html MATLAB R2009a
HTML file-or-folder-names-incorrectly-displayed.html MATLAB R2009a
XML lightangle.xml MATLAB R2009a
XML membrane.xml MATLAB R2009a
DLL mwtemplate_core_builtinimpl.dll MATLAB R2009a
BIN json_win64 1563501697_manifest.bin MATLAB R2009a
BIN hwconnectinstaller_resources_ja_JP 1563491947_manifest.bin MATLAB R2009a
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File Extensions Associated with MathWorks

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