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Cowon Systems is a South Korean electronics company established in 1995. Its initial specialization is in speech synthesis and recognition but has since expanded into the portable media player industry.

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Cowon Systems Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
JetAudio 1926 12/15/2018 5.00 12/15/2018

Top Files Associated with Cowon Systems

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
DLL JFOGGWt.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
AX JetAudio (jetAudio)
AX JetAudio
DLL JFMP3Dec.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
DLL JFAPEWt.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
DLL JXOGGDEC.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
EXE JetRecorder.exe JetAudio (Audio Mixing Recorder)
DLL JFAudFP.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
AX JetAudio
DLL JFWMANetWt.dll JetAudio (JFWMAWt Dynamic Link Library)
DLL JFMP3Rd.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
LNK jetAudio.lnk JetAudio
EXE JetTrim.exe JetAudio (JetTrim Application)
DLL JFDSPl.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
DLL JXPDev.dll JetAudio (JXPDev Dynamic Link Library)
OCX shlob090.ocx JetAudio (ShellObjects ActiveX)
AX JetAudio (jetAudio)
DLL JFRawRd.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
DLL JFFLACWt.dll JetAudio (jetAudio)
DLL JFNetworkWt.dll JetAudio (JFNetworkWt)
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File Extensions Associated with Cowon Systems

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