Use Tab Grouping for Chrome in Windows

Here is how you can use Chrome’s Tab Grouping in Windows

Time and time again, Google has proved how far its Chrome browser is ahead of the competition. Even though Microsoft keeps trying to catch up with its new Edge browser, it has never been able to match Google at its game. Chrome is so good that it even convinced Microsoft to adopt Chromium for Edge browser, the same open-source project that Chrome is based on.

The reason for Google’s substantial lead with Chrome is the nifty little features that it keeps introducing in Chrome, like the recent introduction of tab grouping. We have all been in a situation where we end with up so many tabs that everything gets cluttered and it becomes difficult to find the right tab. Thankfully, Google decided to tackle this problem with a new feature called Tab Grouping.

What is Tab Grouping?

Tab Grouping allows a user to group multiple tabs to minimize clutter and organize their browser better. You can even hide the individual tabs so that only the grouped tab is visible. This is especially handy when you have a few tabs open that you don’t want to close but also don’t want to use right at this moment, so you can just group them and hide them so they don’t take up your screen for now.

Introduced earlier in 2020, it should be available in your Chrome browser already if you keep your browser updated (usually Chrome is on auto-update). However, you can still verify this by pasting chrome://settings/help in your address bar.

How to use Tab Grouping?

  1. Right-click on any currently opened tab and click on Add tab to new group.
  2. It will ask you to enter a name for the group. Although not mandatory, it is still nice to give a group a name to easily identify it from the tab bar. You can also choose a color for the tab group over here. This color will be used to highlight your tab group.
  3. To add any other tab to this group, you can either click on it and drag it to your group or you can also right-click on the tab and click on Add tab to a group and you should see an option there for the group you just created.

You can create multiple groups as well with different colors to make them easily recognizable. To hide a group, simply click on its name and it will hide all the tabs in the group and will only display the tab group name and color. Click on it again to unhide it.

You can also rename group, change group color, ungroup all tabs, move the group to a new window, or close all the tabs in the group by simply right-clicking on the group’s name.