Ares Galaxy

Developed by: Open Source

Software Overview

Ares Galaxy is an open source peer-to-peer application that uses its own decentralized leaf network. It has a quick, simple interface and comes with a built-in audio/video viewer. It is hosted at

Ares Galaxy Versions

Current Version: 2.3.8

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
2.3.8 912 MUI bass.dll 12/24/2015  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Ares Galaxy

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
DAT SNodes.dat 2.3.8 12/24/2015
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191113.131341.792.2.etl 2.3.8 12/24/2015
DAT ShareL.dat 2.3.8 12/24/2015
TMP APPX.exue3_cci6fa256u0kg45v9qg.tmp 2.3.8 12/24/2015
AX 2.3.8 12/24/2015
TXT P2PFilter.txt 2.3.8 12/24/2015
TMP APPX.gtvs2nybdaz43hhd6azkil71.tmp 2.3.8 12/24/2015
ETL waasmedic.20191113_211823_480.etl 2.3.8 12/24/2015
LOG Install-PerUser_2019-11-13_211531_7012-7016.log 2.3.8 12/24/2015
TXT Blocked_Keywords.txt 2.3.8 12/24/2015
TXT ChanListFilter.txt 2.3.8 12/24/2015
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