inFlow Inventory

Developed by: inFlow Inventory Software

Software Overview

inFlow Inventory is a software program that allows small businesses to issue invoices and manage client orders, track transaction history and inventory, re-order products and much more.

inFlow Inventory Versions

Current Version: 3.5.2

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
3.5.2 4017 MUI setupact.log 08/09/2017  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with inFlow Inventory

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
JS ParameterDialog.js 3.5.2 08/09/2017
HTML framezone.html 3.5.2 08/09/2017
DLL ParameterDesigner_res_de.dll 08/09/2017
DLL pageobjectmodel_res_ko.dll 08/09/2017
DLL sacommoncontrols_res_sv.dll 08/09/2017
DLL u312dtda.dll 08/09/2017
DLL x3dmpit.dll 08/09/2017
DLL x3fxm2nl.dll 08/09/2017
MUI SqlLocalDB.rll.mui 2014.120.2000.8 08/09/2017
DLL CrystalDecisions.Web.dll 08/09/2017
AUX 3.5.2 08/09/2017
JS promptengine_strings_hu.js 3.5.2 08/09/2017
DLL crdb_ado_res_es.dll 08/09/2017
DLL crtowords_ru.dll 08/09/2017
DLL crxf_xls_res_zh_CN.dll 08/09/2017
DLL saxserialize_res_pl.dll 08/09/2017
DLL sscsdk80_res_th.dll 08/09/2017
DLL u35s1sv.dll 08/09/2017
DLL x3fodfi.dll 08/09/2017
SQL AttachDB.sql 3.5.2 08/09/2017
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