FIFA 2001

Developed by: Electronic Arts

Software Overview

A Windows and PlayStation football video game developed and published by EA Sports in 2000. It is the eighth game in the Fifa series.

FIFA 2001 Versions

Current Version: demo

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
demo 918 MUI iscript.dll 11/01/2000  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with FIFA 2001

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191217.120528.735.8.etl demo 11/01/2000
AODL Install-PerUser-2019-12-17.2007.4216.1.aodl demo 11/01/2000
INI aimain.ini demo 11/01/2000
LOG Install-PerUser_2019-12-17_200714_4216-4464.log demo 11/01/2000
TXT rparms.txt demo 11/01/2000
ETL dosvc.20191217_131654_039.etl demo 11/01/2000
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191217.120528.735.1.etl demo 11/01/2000
DAT RecoveryStore.{6F5F4921-8CF6-4973-8C26-A80DDBA326CF}.dat demo 11/01/2000
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191217.120528.735.10.etl demo 11/01/2000
DLL dx6z.dll 6553.9.34.5907 11/01/2000
VER sndmisc.ver demo 11/01/2000
ETL waasmedic.20191217_201033_241.etl demo 11/01/2000
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191217.120528.735.4.etl demo 11/01/2000
AODL SyncEngine-2019-12-17.2007.6128.1.aodl demo 11/01/2000
TXT FIFAURL.TXT demo 11/01/2000
SPA demo 11/01/2000
FRA sell.fra demo 11/01/2000
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191217.120528.735.6.etl demo 11/01/2000
PF demo 11/01/2000
EXE fifa2001v3.exe demo 11/01/2000
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