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Eaglenet software lets users download different types of files from the web. It stores the downloads in a special folder that is accessible at any time. It can be integrated with various browsers to streamline the download process

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EagleGet Versions

Current Version:

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System 1010 MUI dl.dll 08/12/2019  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with EagleGet

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
LOG Downloader_2020-01-06_124727_6168-6172.log 08/12/2019
SYS eagleGet_x86.sys 08/12/2019
PF EAGLEGET_SETUP.EXE-34A49500.pf 08/12/2019
PF EAGLEGET_SETUP.TMP-DEB41E92.pf 08/12/2019
XML Kurdish.xml 08/12/2019
DLL IEGraberBHO.dll 08/12/2019
DLL lum_sdk32_clr.dll 08/12/2019
LOG Install_2020-01-06_124749_7108-7112.log 08/12/2019
XML Malay.xml 08/12/2019
XML Vietnamese.xml 08/12/2019
DAT sk.dat 08/12/2019
DAT {326B2C80-C7F5-41E4-B303-7E1F3824EA04}.dat 08/12/2019
ETL WindowsUpdate.20200106.044643.233.9.etl 08/12/2019
EXE 360TS_Setup_Mini_WW_Eagleget_001_6.6.0.1052.exe 08/12/2019
LOG test_wpf.exe.log 08/12/2019
DAT {A0560AD9-6E4D-4936-9AC5-5283D2444157}.dat 08/12/2019
ETL dosvc.20200106_125239_614.etl 08/12/2019
SYS eagleGet_wfp_x86.sys 08/12/2019
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