Developed by: Disc Soft Ltd.

Software Overview

Daemon Tools is a virtual DVD-ROM emulator that can create basic disk images and compress them. You can then keep all the information you need accessible without consuming a lot of space on your hard drive. It is used to simulate virtual drives to create CD and DVD disc images. This program is available in different editions; the Pro Advanced edition of this software enables all of the DAEMON Tools (DT) features. Daemon Tools works with most image formats.

Visit Software Website: https://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtproAdv

Visit Developer Website: http://www.disc-soft.com/home

DAEMON Tools Versions

Current Version: 10.11

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
10.11 1267 MUI LcuAssistant.001.etl 06/04/2019  Windows 10
8 1285 MUI DTHelper.exe 10/18/2016  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with DAEMON Tools

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
EXE DTImgEditor.exe 10/18/2016
DAT {B39B3E64-D4A2-49CB-B623-C2B927F55A69}.dat 8 10/18/2016
DLL DEU.dll 10.11 06/04/2019
TMP APPX.an26axrpne7kx5zb4c_od9jad.tmp 8 10/18/2016
DLL LVI.dll 10.11 06/04/2019
LOG CbsPersist_20191012090052.log 10.11 06/04/2019
PF APPINSTALLER.EXE-3CE40862.pf 10.11 06/04/2019
TXT AppCache132153444290646096.txt 10.11 06/04/2019
PNF dtliteusbbus.PNF 10.11 06/04/2019
LOG Downloader_2019-10-29_221504_5644-5588.log 8 10/18/2016
DAT {CDD0F243-ECCF-11E9-A54C-000000000002}.dat 10.11 06/04/2019
TMP APPX.02lktkt6vhm89xkg5s03bmv5.tmp 8 10/18/2016
DLL GenSub.dll 06/04/2019
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191012.015820.079.2.etl 10.11 06/04/2019
DLL SafeDisc.dll 06/04/2019
DLL RUS.dll 10.11 06/04/2019
AODL Install-2019-10-29.2215.7012.1.aodl 8 10/18/2016
TXT AppCache132168609697005748.txt 8 10/18/2016
TMP APPX.5rwc86anxq1bh6fde9ofm5fl.tmp 8 10/18/2016
EXE DiscSoftBusServiceLite.exe 06/04/2019
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