Corel VideoStudio Pro

Developed by: Corel

Software Overview

Corel VideoStudio is a video editing software mainly created for consumers. It can edit high definition videos up to 4K. With VideoStudio, users can edit and touch up their home videos. They can arrange video clips via storyboard and timeline editing. VideoStudio comes in Ultimate (offers a premium special effects pack) and Pro editions.

Corel VideoStudio Pro Versions

Current Version: 2019

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
2019 5970 HTM CUH.EXE 02/12/2019  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Corel VideoStudio Pro

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
DLL UFCUNDO.dll 02/12/2019
DLL uImportDVDUSerRC.dll 02/12/2019
CHM NBSamplerPackEffects.chm 2019 02/12/2019
DLL ulDMFTrans.dll 02/12/2019
DLL umDashVRService.dll 02/12/2019
EXE ssBridge32.exe 02/12/2019
DLL Cylinder.dll 2019 02/12/2019
LOG CbsPersist_20191017200149.log 2019 02/12/2019
DLL mkunicode.x64.dll 2019 02/12/2019
DLL ComVoiceOver.dll 02/12/2019
AX 02/12/2019
INI LaT0401_MS.ini 2019 02/12/2019
INI V-52.ini 2019 02/12/2019
DAT VS_Decoration_HTML5.dat 2019 02/12/2019
DLL wWebComp.dll 02/12/2019
DLL uvMorphingTransition.dll 2019 02/12/2019
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191017.125648.282.9.etl 2019 02/12/2019
DLL vorbis_x64.dll 2019 02/12/2019
DAT DF_TMPL_AVCHD_NTSC.dat 2019 02/12/2019
DLL JsnParser.dll 02/12/2019
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