Apple Safari

Developed by: Apple

Software Overview

Apple Safari is the default web browser for OS X and iOS operating systems. It offers many standard functions of popular web browsers. It offers a minimalistic design, but can be customized by choosing what appears in the toolbar. It permits sharing web page through email, Messages, or social sites by using the Share button. Safari is Apple's official web browser that was first released in 2003 for Mac OS X Panther. It was later included for iOS formats since the iPhone's introduction in 2007. A version for Microsoft Windows was released in 2007 but it was discontinued in 2012.

Apple Safari Versions

Current Version: 5.1.7

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System
5.1.7 1319 MUI MSIInstallPlugin.dll 05/11/2012  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Apple Safari

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
HTML AppearancePreferences.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
JS ResourceTimingView.js 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML Entries.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
TIF Separator.tif 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML FontPicker.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML WebAuthenticationSheet.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML NetworkDiagnosticsErrorPage.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML SearchField.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
TIF Smaller.tif 5.1.7 05/11/2012
EXE SafariSetup.exe 05/11/2012
HTML AutoFillPreferences.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
DB WebpageIcons.db 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML ExtensionBuilder.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
DAT hyphenation.dat 5.1.7 05/11/2012
TIF favicon.tif 5.1.7 05/11/2012
LOG CbsPersist_20191024182748.log 5.1.7 05/11/2012
DLL SoftwareUpdateLocalized.dll 05/11/2012
JSON ExtensionAPISchema.json 5.1.7 05/11/2012
HTML BlackSearchField.html 5.1.7 05/11/2012
XML ba5a1d05998ad5011900000004189017.Respecialize.xml 5.1.7 05/11/2012
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