Adobe Shockwave Player

Developed by: Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Adobe Shockwave Player Versions

Current Version:

Software Version Number of Associated Files Most Popular Extension Most Popular File Latest Release Date Operating System 863 MUI ServiceRemediation.001.etl 06/13/2017  Windows 10

Top Files Associated with Adobe Shockwave Player

File Extension Filename Lastest File Version Latest File Release Date
ETL dosvc.20191220_215145_800.etl 06/13/2017
DLL DynaPlayer.dll 06/13/2017
EXE SwHelper_1229199.exe 06/13/2017
ETL SIH.20191220.135900.272.1.etl 06/13/2017
AODL SyncEngine-2019-12-20.2153.3056.1.aodl 06/13/2017
TXT AppCache132213524325063049.txt 06/13/2017
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191220.135034.472.7.etl 06/13/2017
ETL ScreenOnPowerStudyTraceSession-2019-12-20-13-50-11.etl 06/13/2017
DLL Control.dll 06/13/2017
EXE sw_lic_full_installer_0036892788.exe 06/13/2017
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