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Filename Software Name Developer Name Latest File Version
i2220.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i2220nta.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i2220nti.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i2220ntx.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i2omgmt.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.6000.16386
i2omp.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.6000.16386
i40ea62.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i40ea63.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i40ea64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i40ea65.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i40eb62.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i40eb64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i40eb65.sys 3DP Net 3DP
i8042prt.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.6000.16386
iagpio.sys Windows Microsoft 604.10146.3023.12819
iai2c.sys Windows Microsoft 604.10146.3024.12813
iaiogpio.sys Windows Microsoft 6.3.9423.0
iaioi2c.sys Windows Microsoft 6.3.9423.0
ialmnt5.sys Windows Microsoft
iaStorA.sys Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Lazesoft
iaStorAV.sys Windows Microsoft
iaStorF.sys Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Lazesoft
iaStorV.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
idmtdi32.sys Internet Download Manager Tonec
idmtdi64.sys Internet Download Manager Tonec
idmwfp.sys Internet Download Manager Tonec
idmwfp32.sys Internet Download Manager Tonec
idmwfp64.sys Internet Download Manager Tonec
IDSVia64.sys Norton Security Premium Symantec Corporation
IDSVix86.sys Norton Security Premium Symantec Corporation
IDSxpx86.sys Norton Security Premium Symantec Corporation
igdkmd32.sys Windows Microsoft 8
igdkmd64.sys Windows Microsoft
ignis.sys Adaware Antivirus Lavasoft
iirsp.sys Windows Microsoft
imapi.sys Windows Microsoft 5.1.2600.5512
imdisk.sys Avira Free Antivirus Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG.
IMFCameraProtect.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
IMFDownProtect.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
ImfEfsFileControl.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
IMFFilter.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
IMFForceDelete.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
IMFMBRProtect.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
ImfObCallback.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
imfpffilter.sys IObit Malware Fighter IObit
IMWEBN5.sys 3DP Net 3DP
IndirectKmd.sys Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
inspect.sys Comodo Internet Security Comodo Group
install.sys XAMPP Apache Friends 5.6.40
intelide.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
intelpep.sys Windows Microsoft 6.3.9600.17396
intelppm.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
IO.SYS Windows Microsoft XP
iorate.sys Windows Microsoft 10.0.15063.0
ip6fw.sys Windows Microsoft 5.1.2600.5512
ipfltdrv.sys Windows Microsoft 5.1.2600.0
ipfnd5.sys 3DP Net 3DP 4.5.50202.0
ipfnd51.sys 3DP Net 3DP 4.5.50202.0
ipgdnd51.sys 3DP Net 3DP 2.22.61114.0
ipgdnd60v32.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ipgdndxp64.sys 3DP Net 3DP 2.18.50113.0
ipinip.sys Windows Microsoft 5.1.2600.5512
IPMIDrv.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
ipnat.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.6001.18000
ipsec.sys Windows Microsoft 5.1.2600.5512
irda.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.6001.18000
irenum.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.6001.18000
Ironx64.sys Norton Security Premium Symantec Corporation
irsir.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
irstusb.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
isapnp.sys Windows Microsoft Vista
iscsiprt.sys Acronis Disk Director Home Acronis 5.2.3790.3825
isedrv.sys Comodo Internet Security Comodo Group 1.4.993.154
isedrv_vista.sys Comodo Internet Security Comodo Group 1.6.13835.185
isedrv_win7.sys Comodo Internet Security Comodo Group 1.6.13835.185
isedrv_win8.sys Comodo Internet Security Comodo Group 1.4.993.154
isedrv_xp.sys Comodo Internet Security Comodo Group 1.6.13835.185
ISODrive.sys UltraISO Premium EZB Systems
ISODrv64.sys UltraISO Premium EZB Systems
iteatapi.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.5492.0
iteraid.sys Windows Microsoft 6.0.5492.0
IUFileFilter.sys IObit Uninstaller IObit
IUForceDelete.sys IObit Uninstaller IObit
IUProcessFilter.sys IObit Uninstaller IObit
IURegistryFilter.sys IObit Uninstaller IObit
ixe60x64.sys Windows Microsoft
ixe6232.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixe62x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn6232.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn62x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn6332.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn63x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn6432.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn64x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn6532.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixn65x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixs6232.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixs62x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixs6332.sys 3DP Net 3DP
ixs63x64.sys 3DP Net 3DP
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