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The Document Foundation (TDF) was founded by the OpenOffice community and is a non-profit organization that aims to boost open-source document handling software.

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The Document Foundation Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
LibreOffice 6.2.5 2180 07/04/2019 10.0.17134.12 07/04/2019

Top Files Associated with The Document Foundation

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
DLL oleautobridgelo.dll LibreOffice
LM ne.lm LibreOffice 6.2.5
TXT README_thes_fr.txt LibreOffice 6.2.5
DLL cuilo.dll LibreOffice
TXT description-nso.txt LibreOffice 6.2.5
LM ktu.lm LibreOffice 6.2.5
DLL OGLTranslo.dll LibreOffice
DLL iolo.dll LibreOffice
TXT description-kmr-Latn.txt LibreOffice 6.2.5
DLL vclplug_winlo.dll LibreOffice
DLL rptuilo.dll LibreOffice
TXT description-oc.txt LibreOffice 6.2.5
DLL PresentationMinimizerlo.dll LibreOffice
EXE opencltest.exe LibreOffice 6.2.5
DLL pricinglo.dll LibreOffice
TXT description-sv.txt LibreOffice 6.2.5
MSG firebird.msg LibreOffice 6.2.5
DLL emserlo.dll LibreOffice
DLL javavmlo.dll LibreOffice
DLL orcus-parser.dll LibreOffice
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File Extensions Associated with The Document Foundation

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