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Palm is a technology company specialized in developing software and technological products like Palm Treo smartphones, Palm LifeDrive mobile managers and Palm handheld computers.

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Palm Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
Palm Desktop 6.2 1278 11/30/2008 10.0.17134.12 11/30/2008

Top Files Associated with Palm

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
DLL pdcmn21.dll Palm Desktop
EVTX Microsoft-Windows-RemoteAssistance%4Operational.evtx Palm Desktop 6.2
EXE Palm_1219.exe Palm Desktop (Palm Desktop by ACCESS)
DLL ocpCalendarCn.dll Palm Desktop (Outlook Conduits for Palm)
DLL AlbumBase.dll Palm Desktop (ArcSoft AlbumBase)
DLL TableGlue.dll Palm Desktop (TableGlue)
DLL AddItConfig.dll Palm Desktop (Bluefish Wireless Pty Ltd AddItConfig)
DLL PdCmn50.dll Palm Desktop (Palm OS Desktop)
DLL AlarmNotify_PSI.dll Palm Desktop (Palm OS Desktop)
DLL ToDoAgents.dll Palm Desktop (Palm OS Desktop)
DLL uASDVSDVid.dll Palm Desktop (ArcSoft ASDVSDVid)
DLL table21.dll Palm Desktop
EXE RestartPalm.exe Palm Desktop (Palm OS Desktop)
DLL DesktopBase.dll Palm Desktop (Palm OS Desktop)
AX Palm Desktop (ArcSoft MPEG Codec Filter)
DLL ocpNotifier.dll Palm Desktop (Outlook Conduits for Palm)
DLL CIApI.dll Palm Desktop (Palm CDK)
DLL uASH264Vid.dll Palm Desktop (user ASH264Vid)
DLL PDBFileMgr.dll Palm Desktop (PDBFileMgr)
TXT AppCache132189924124161918.txt Palm Desktop 6.2
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File Extensions Associated with Palm

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