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Founded in 1998 by Stanford Unversity Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google Inc. is a multinational technology company providing internet related products and services.

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Google Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
Google Chrome 78.0.3904.87, 79.0.3945.16, 78.0.3904.70, 77.0.3865.90 4345 10/31/2019 10.0.17134.12 10/31/2019
Google Earth 7.3.2 1340 06/21/2018 10.0.17134.12 06/21/2018

Top Files Associated with Google

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
ETL WindowsUpdate.20191014.122924.019.6.etl Google Earth 7.3.2
DLL goopdateres_uk.dll Google Chrome (Оновлення Google)
DLL icudt54.dll Google Earth (International Components for Unicode)
CSV stateplane.csv Google Earth 7.3.2
DLL qoffscreen.dll Google Earth (Qt5)
DAT proj_def.dat Google Earth 7.3.2
SST 000005.sst Google Earth 7.3.2
ETL ScreenOnPowerStudyTraceSession-2019-11-16-10-53-49.etl Google Chrome 78.0.3904.70
TMP APPX.00qgqj4wo9ktyv57pvb0ya8_b.tmp Google Chrome 78.0.3904.87
DLL icuin54.dll Google Earth (International Components for Unicode)
STORE Google Chrome 78.0.3904.87
DLL IGCore.dll Google Earth 7.3.2
DLL icuuc54.dll Google Earth (International Components for Unicode)
DAT RecoveryStore.{84AB0570-42FB-4814-814C-50D8280027C4}.dat Google Earth 7.3.2
DLL goopdate.dll Google Chrome (Google Update)
DLL goopdateres_ml.dll Google Chrome (Google കാലാനുസൃതമാക്കുക)
EXE GoogleEarthProSetup.exe Google Earth (Google Update)
DLL goopdateres_hu.dll Google Chrome (Google frissítés)
TMP wctFEA4.tmp Google Chrome (Microsoft OneDrive) 19.152.801.9
DLL goopdateres_sr.dll Google Chrome (Google ажурирање)
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