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3DP Software Titles

Software Releases Total Number of Associated Files First Release Date Latest Known Software Version Latest Release Date
3DP Chip 17.11.1 709 12/17/2017 10.0.17134.12 12/17/2017
3DP Net 18.12 2654 12/03/2018 10.0.17134.12 12/03/2018

Top Files Associated with 3DP

File Extension Filename Software Name Latest File Version
DLL NETw4c32.dll 3DP Net (Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945/4965 Network Connection)
DLL RTNUninst32.dll 3DP Net (RTNUninst)
DLL vxnmsg.dll 3DP Net (vxnmsg.dll) 10.0.570.0
SYS rt2500usb64.sys 3DP Net (Ralink 802.11g Wireless USB Adapters)
DLL NicInstK.dll 3DP Net (Intel(R) Network Interface Card CoInstaller)
SYS NETwew00.sys 3DP Net (Intel® Wireless WiFi Link Adapter)
LOG aria-debug-7020.log 3DP Chip 17.11.1
SYS rt2500v64.sys 3DP Net (RT2500 802.11g Wireless Adapters)
SYS FETN62A.sys 3DP Net (VIA Rhine Family Fast Ethernet Adapter)
SYS fei6232.sys 3DP Net (Intel(R) 10/100 Network Connection)
SYS ixs62x64.sys 3DP Net (Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Adapter)
DLL NicInstQ.dll 3DP Net (Intel(R) Network Interface Card CoInstaller)
SYS e1d65x64.sys 3DP Net (Intel(R) Gigabit Adapter)
SYS e1r65x64.sys 3DP Net (Intel(R) Gigabit Adapter)
DLL NicInIXT.dll 3DP Net (Intel(R) Network Interface Card CoInstaller)
SYS sxb6532.sys 3DP Net (Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Adapter)
SYS vxs62x64.sys 3DP Net (Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Adapter)
ETL dosvc.20191111_203151_856.etl 3DP Net 18.12
DLL e1kmsg.dll 3DP Net (e1kmsg.dll)
SYS EL2K_XP.sys 3DP Net (3Com Gigabit NIC (3C2000 Family))
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